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  About VinREIT
VinREIT is a real estate investment trust (REIT) created specifically to provide real estate sale-leaseback financing to the wine industry. VinREIT is a joint venture between Global Wine Partners and Entertainment Properties Trust, a $2.5 billion, highly successful REIT specializing in sale-leaseback transactions, which trades under the ticker symbol EPR on the New York Stock Exchange.

Global Wine Partners is a principal in and the exclusive agent for VinREIT.

Why VinREIT and Why Now?

Historically, the wine industry has not had access to traditional capital sources to fund the establishment and growth of its businesses. A relatively young industry which by its very nature takes longer than most businesses to establish profitability, the wine business has never been well understood by traditional investors and major financial institutions.

During the mid- to late-1990s, the wine industry experienced tremendous growth. The initial capital for this growth came from owners' personal resources plus conventional bank financing. These owners now need to expand equity capital to continue this growth.

Today, the industry is growing rapidly. Most vineyard and winery owners are optimistic about the future and inspired to take advantage of the many possibilities in this growth environment. Success in the premium wine market requires better vineyards, better facilities, longer aging (more inventories) - and therefore more capital. The timing is now right for owners and investors to weigh their short- and long-term strategic business opportunities and evaluate their growth potential. The industry needs new financing sources. VinREIT addresses this critical need with new capital to invest in growth opportunities.

About REITs

A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a tax-advantaged special-purpose entity designed specifically to finance real estate. Created under the U.S. tax code about 40 years ago, REITs are designed to provide smaller investors the opportunity to invest in diversified real estate assets without directly owning properties. A REIT pays no corporate taxes but is required to distribute at least 90 per-cent of its net taxable income as dividends to shareholders.