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About Global Wine Partners

Global Wine Partners is a leading provider of financial advisory services to the wine industry. We’ve been in this business for over 35 years. Our team has a level of expertise and a network of connections — plus a commitment to confidentiality — that sets us apart.

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The Global Wine Partners Team

There’s little we haven’t seen or dealt with in over 35 years of growing up with the wine industry. We’ve partnered with hundreds of wine business owners and executives through all phases and business cycles: from inception, to launch, to market creation, to growing pains and all stages beyond. We speak their language and understand the motivations. We know what it has taken to pursue their vision, ideas and dreams. We bring that experience, creativity, perspective, and knowledge to wine business transactions that are anything but predictable.

Why Choose Global Wine Partners?

Dedicated to the Wine Industry

Our history as wine business consultants serving a global market from the heart of Napa Valley

Global Wine Partners was founded in 1982, as MKF (Motto Kryla & Fisher LLP). With a shared passion for wine and business, the partners built MKF into the leading firm of wine business advisors – advising many of the top wine industry pioneers along the way.

MKF developed a number of related business units to serve the wine industry, including MKF Capital Advisors, MKF Wine Business Advisors – the industry’s leading firm of management consultants and CPA’s, and MKF Research – an innovative wine economic and market research firm. In 2003, MKF Capital Advisors became Global Wine Partners.

Today, Global Wine Partners continues to fulfill its mission of fostering the long-term viability and successful growth of the wine industry globally.

aerial view of a valley with rolling hills