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We help wine businesses position their company for a successful exit through a strategic review of every aspect of the company, from branding & sales through Production & costing


Wine Business Strategy

Exit Strategy Planning, Preparation and Positioning

GWP assists wine businesses in preparing and positioning for future sale, either near term or long term. This includes evaluating strategies to increase the business value, and preparing the company to complete a transaction on its own schedule, as smoothly and effectively as possible. The overall goal is to determine the best timing and opportunity to realize the highest possible value within the context of the owners' individual goals.

Acquisition, Joint Venture or Alliance Advisory

GWP provides financial and business advisory services to large and small wine companies in all related aspects of acquisitions, the formation of partnerships, joint ventures, and strategic alliances. These services are tailored to the specific circumstances and need, and may include complete or partial involvement in planning, evaluating or seeking a transaction or other business arrangement.

Wine Business Strategy

GWP principals are often asked to join owners and managers in evaluating or planning for strategic alternatives.

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